house shapes

house shapes

duskie cruiser and downhill decks are available for purchase online at and selected retail stores.

The following house shapes are designed for cruising, bombing hills, dancing and ripping up the skate park. Pre made house shapes are few and far between as shaping custom decks takes priority. Please use these images as guide to what you might be looking for and visit or any of the duskie retailers to purchase a pre made hand shaped duskie house shape.

Shape: “Little Rocket”
Dimensions: 28”x 7.5” – Flat deck with concave
Grip it and rip it!! Loves a good tight slalom run, Digs the bowl, & is a fun mini cruiser around the streets.

Shape: “Mini Simmons”
Dimensions: 29”x 8” – Flat deck with concave or 32 x 8″ kick tail deck
The most fun you can have on a plank with wheels

Shape: “Love Child”
Dimensions: 30”x 8” – Kick Tail deck
All round street cruiser designed to put a smile on your dial whilst your ripping around in style.

Shape: “Cheeky Grom”
Dimensions: 33.5”x 9.25” – Kick Tail deck
Go nuts!! This is a all round throw around deck, You will have fun where ever your rollin.
[Image Coming Soon]

Shape: “70′s Fish”
Dimensions: 35”x 9” – Flat deck with concave or Kick Tail deck
A great street cruiser, Loads of fun in the skate park and the wide point at the front of the deck makes her super stable bombing hills.

Shape: “Classic Short Board”
Dimensions: 39”x 9.25” – Kick Tail deck
This is the classic all rounder, designed to give you confidence down hill, Great cruising setup and agility in the skate park.
[Image Coming Soon]

Shape: “Indo Gun”
Dimensions: 41”x 8.75” Rounded Pin Tail – Flat deck with concave or Cambered deck
Stability to bomb large hills and length for great long distance cruising – a cambered will deliver excellent flex & pop for additional cruising benefits.

Shape: “Old Mal”
Dimensions: 43”x 9.75” – Flat deck with concave or Cambered deck
This 43″ big boy is designed for cruising at its best, toes on the nose & soul arch cutties come standard with this soulful player.