functional art collaboration

functional art collaboration

Visit to check out the available duskie functional art collaboration decks for sale.

The duskie functional art collaboration is the art of hand shaping, an artist’s original touch and “you” the skater through your artistic lines, all collaborating for the purpose of individualism & freedom of expression at its purest… or just for having some fun!

These original artwork decks are for sale here, throughout various stores in Australia. A one of a kind truly unique board, yours to rip up the streets or mount on your wall.

This is by far the most exciting element duskie has to offer, it’s a divine honour to be meeting & working with such a diverse group of talented, down to earth, humble & eccentric artists. They range from the highly awarded, respected and established through to the art major student looking for a way to expose their work and kick start their passionate career.

duskie is especially humbled and proud to be working with Indigenous Artists in our local area Dunghutti and around Australia. This collaboration is respectfully important to duskie for numerous reasons & the artwork coming out of this spirited movement is truly exceptional & original.

Keep up to speed with the new artists we are collaborating with every week and the amazing decks they are producing on our social media pages as viewed on ( the drift )

Deborah Broughton Click here for Bio

“A poor life this, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare” William Henry Davies (Leisure)

Deborah Broughton is a contemporary painter based near Crescent Head, on the NSW mid-North Coast. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of her home, Deborah’s paintings reflect a love of the beach and surf culture, and the fauna and flora found along the east coast of Australia.

Deborah was born in Zimbabwe, and later moved to South Africa, where she graduated in Psychology and Visual Communication. After additional training in graphic and web design, Deborah spent ten years working as a corporate and multimedia designer, in South Africa, the UK and Australia, before returning to painting full time in 2003.

As well as original paintings, Deborah’s range includes prints on paper, canvas, and she has licensed her designs on a wide range of homewares and souvenirs.You can contact Deborah via her web site at:

Christiane Gozashti Click here for Bio

Christiane “Nitos” Gozashti is an artist, surfer, and adventurer from San Diego, California who is currently based out of Newcastle, NSW.

From a very young age she was always drawing and using her creativity with every opportunity. It is unpredictable what inspires Christiane, and she usually gets ideas multiple times a day. These ideas come in the form of visions, which transform and change as the piece starts to materialize. She uses a variety of medium in her pieces. There is always a way to be creative, and she is a firm believer in not limiting yourself to one particular media. Creativity can come in the form of fine arts, but can also flow into surfing, cooking, problem solving, board shaping, etc. She does her best to not miss a chance to learn something new, or work with a material she has never worked with before.

Christiane has a very broad range of experience, participating in numerous shows in San Diego, including shows for the ASR Convention and Tom’s Shoes. She has also worked as a Graphic Designer, Muralist, and a Marketing Director. A new resident of Australia, she has recently collaborated with Duskie as an artist, and the Surfrider Foundation as Marketing Director for the Hunter Chapter, and looks forward to a future with them.

Amy Southorn Click here for Bio

Amy is a self taught artist, illustrator and graphic designer residing in Byron Bay, Australia. She previously studied graphic design and multimedia in her home town of Hobart, Tasmania. Amy adores working with the feminine face, body and eyes and experiments with the spiritually significant mandala. Influences are sought from various cultures, religions, patterns and from her own life experiences and visions. Her mandala work is a particularly meditative process and healing for both her and the viewer.

‘Mandala’ loosely translated as ‘circle‘ represents the universe, the material and nonmaterial realities, the macrocosm and microcosm. These highly intricate illustrations are used as an instrument for meditation and are cosmic diagrams reminding us of our relation to the infinite. Mandalas express ones own visions, beliefs and facilitate personal growth. Many cultures create mandalas as part of their spiritual practice.

Jason Ridgeway Click here for Bio

My name is Jason Ridgeway I was born n bred in Kempsey NSW, I am a proud Dunghutti man. I am proud of my aboriginal heritage.
I have been painting for about 2 years & I am inspired by the things I experience, see and the stories I get told by my family members. I enjoy doing art it relaxes me. I hope you guys enjoy my work. Thanks.

Robyn Wren Click here for Bio

Robyn Wren is an artist specialising in colourful landscapes, wildlife, the ocean and spiritual images. Robyn combined her artistic talents and love of surfing by painting her own boards and, after many years of people admiring her beautiful boards, ten years ago Blue Wren Surf was born.
Robyn regularly works in collaboration with Alby Falzon, painting iconic images from Morning of the Earth on surfboards and canvases and has received a number of art awards, with the most recent being the 2013 prestigious Surf Industry Award at Surf World Gold Coast.

Imogen Appleton Click here for Bio

ImogenEllen Art is my dream; As a young woman from the beautiful Upper Macleay following her passion. I’ve been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the small country town of Bellbrook, surrounded by some some amazing arty souls that motivated and inspired me to seek out more in life. In following that advice I spent a year over in England volunteering as a teachers aide and travelling Europe where I met, saw and was a part of so many beautiful people,places and events.

Early on I became a coffee-shop hermit and would sit in cafes for hours drawing and writing poetry, which is a habit that I hope to never grow out of. My inspiration comes from the everyday, the female form, the birds , insects, the amazing things so often passed by. Using inks, watercolours, acrylics, pens and coffee I attempt to make the ordinary extraordinary, to give a window to the emotion of the everyday. – –