the wood


duskie longboard decks are all 100% hard rock Canadian maple. There is no higher quality skateboard wood available.

It has the longest lifespan, strongest ding resistance & the best pop / flex memory, not to mention looks flat out sexy!! which is why designs on a duskie are generally minimal with a clear finish to enhance and protect the sugar shine and grain.

Quality & performance are our highest priority’s & we are now exploring cold pressing our own concaves and kicks using the highest grade flexible skateboard glue available to the industry. Aussie woods are also being experimented with and tested as we speak with the hope to introduce them into the duskie range in the future.

DSCN1134the art behind hand shaping

duskie longboards are hand shaped for many reasons; for the love and attention to detail each board receives, the unlimited variety of shapes and design options available straight away, to simply enjoying the process of making something by hand.

It’s a time consuming, patience testing art at times but the joy is worth the mindfulness and effort when handing over a high quality, truly unique longboard that will be loved and thrashed in the same movement.  We can’t help but feel proud, inspired and motivated to keep spreading the love.

If you want to know more detail please come and visit duskie H.Q next time you’re in Crescent.

laying down some colour


The motto is simple when it comes to spraying colour & designs – as the wood looks so beautiful with its sugar shine and defined grain it should be the focus.

So it’s simple retro classy spray jobs unless it is otherwise requested or we’re feeling particularly creative that day in which geometric fractal based designs tend to take place.
Other options come in the form of original artworks hand painted by professional artists as part of the duskie functional art collaboration.

1426202_175840635948434_1302529800_n-1the finish coat

Finally the boards are clear coated to protect the artwork and to give them that beautiful finish.

Most are done with a clear acrylic lacquer, but on request we will use an eco friendly 2 pac for that really glassy effect and feel.

1457758_174781209387710_781263221_nride accessories

duskie boards are generally sold as decks only so you can pick, choose and assemble your own ride accessories to suit your taste in brands and style, or even save a few bucks and use your old gear.

If you’re not too sure what you want we can do it here for you with Paris Truck Co trucks, Abec 11 wheels, Bones bearings & various hardware options.

the people


We’re a simple collaboration of skaters, shapers, surfers & artists coming together as a family to deliver a truly unique product and lifestyle movement.

Daniel Anderson: founder / shaper –

Dan started skating as a micro grom in Brisbane. He got into longboards early in his teens following a newly discovered passion for surfing and began hobby shaping longboards in his 20’s when he couldn’t find the shapes he wanted.

 “it all started back then with marine ply. A mate and I started cutting our own shapes, they’d only last us a month, if you were gentle, before you were cutting out another one. Eventually I wanted concaves, kicks, and pop strength so I imported a bunch of hard rock Canadian maple un-cut blanks, I shaped less because they lasted but haven’t looked back since”.

Dan has been perfecting his art for over 10 years, and he lets the final products speak for themselves, In 2009 whilst traveling Australia he feel in love with the wave and hill riddled Crescent Head where he now calls home and spends his time surfing, skating and refining his art form in this beautiful part of the world.

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the brand

duskie lives for the soulful tranquility you can find in a late afternoon roll. duskie represents that choice you make when you’re standing at the top of a twisted hill and you still decide to lift that foot and go! duskie is about getting the crew together and going in search of that perfect hill / run to share for hours on end. duskie promotes freedom of expression & applauds individualism. PEACE, LOVE & HAPPY SKATING